We all look forward to the Christmas holidays – to spending quality time with our nearest and dearest, to sharing traditional meals, and to revelling in the festive community spirit. But where there’s a celebration, there’ll also be cleaning up before and afterwards. Tackling dirty dishes, spilt wine, and crumbs under foot are just some of the chores that will still need to be done during the Christmas season, but they shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the holiday like everyone else. Whether you’re hosting a family meal, receiving guests, or visiting relatives and neighbours, here are a few suggestions for how to stay in control of your housework.



A pre-Christmas clear-out of unwanted items is essential before either you deep clean your home yourself or hire a professional cleaner. This activity provides you with access to all areas of your home for a deep clean and provides you with more space for setting up your Christmas tree, presents and setting up areas for visiting family and guest. Most importantly it enables you enter the New Year clutter free.

Clean your decorations, most homes reuse their Christmas decoration hidden away in cupboards or dusty attics. Take some time out to give them a good clean before hanging them up. However before doing this make sure the lighting still works as some have a specific shelf life.

Treating your carpet at the end of the year is well advised as there is no doubt that they deal with an awful amount of foot traffic in all season all year long. Professional carpet cleaning is a good approach due to the shampooed cleaning agent used which kills gems and sucks up dust.

Polish your silver, we all have nice set of dining set or cutlery that only make an appearance on special occasions. Now is their time to literally shine and make your Christmas meals memorable.   



Christmas holidays are not only about eating and socialising rather it is mainly about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and showing love and charity to one another. A few ways you can achieve this are by:

  • Distribute leftover bunches of flowers to community centres or elderly neighbours.
  • When planning Christmas meal shopping, include dishes to be donated to homeless shelters or food banks.
  • Clear and sort out your closet, donate unwanted clothes, toys, and books to your local charity.
  • Employ someone who is currently out of work to help you with your pre-Christmas household chores.


Having an organised household cleaning routine during Christmas eases the transition back to your normal cleaning routine after Christmas.  Here are some tips:

  • Clear up spills and address stains straight away to make sure they come out.
  • Vacuum or sweep floors in communal areas and kitchen.
  • Empty rubbish and recycling bins.
  • Check toilet paper and tissue box stock.
  • Do a quick clean of toilet hand bins.
  • Cover and/or put food away in the fridge before you go to bed to avoid wastage and spoiling.


  • Wash, dry, and store all dishes and cutlery
  • Dry clean special outfits before storing.
  • Take down any decorations and strings of lights and gently clean before storing them for next celebration.
  • Prepare a meal plan for the next week to use up any leftovers.
  • Making s shopping list of any missing items to buy or make before next Christmas.
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