Your main aim is to remove any solid matter and liquid before it soaks right through the carpet or
anyone treads in it. To speed things up, if you’ve a pet that frequently messes, keep a crises kit in the
under-stair’s cupboard (or somewhere that you can reach fast). Include Paper towels, plastic grocery
bags (for disposing of solids and use paper towels) and enzyme-based cleaner (available at pet
shops). Start by removing any solids. Then bolt up as much of the liquid content as possible, using
paper towels. You’ll soak up maximum liquid if you stand on the paper towels (in shoes) or press a
weight onto them. Soak the accident site in the enzyme cleaner. Let it sit for a few minutes and then
bolt up. Rinse the residue with water to avoid leaving smells that might draw the pet back to use the
same spot.

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